Registration (8:30 to 9:00)

Registration of participants and distribution of kits in the Virtual Classroom.

Inauguration (9:00 to 9:45)

Inauguration ceremoney will be held at Virtual Classroom.

Coffee Break (9:45 to 10:00)

We shall have coffee and chat about mumbo jumbo. The non-serious part.

Talk 1 (10:00 to 11:30)

Installing and configuring Python on Linux and Windows. Introduction to Python interpreter.

Talk 2 (11:30 to 1:00)

Hands-on session with Python.

Lunch Break (1:00 to 2:00)

Food not for your brain, but for the whole body.

Talk 3 (2:00 to 4:00)

An Introduction to Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas

Valedictory Function (5:00 to 5:30)

About Workshop

PyKutch-2016: A One Day Workshop on Python is hosted by Department of Computer Science, KSKV Kachchh University in association with PythonExpress. The workshop’s aim is to introduce Python to UG/PG students and faculties. Various topics will be covered by expert speakers from industry.


Nicholas Tollervey
Nicholas Tollervey
A software engineer, classically trained musician, philosophy graduate, teacher and writer. Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, Regular speaker at PyconUK, PyCon, Europython, OpenTech, Techhub and other meet-ups.
Jaysinh Shukla
Jaysinh Shukla
Open-Source Lover. Engaged with various projects of Python Software Society India. Conducted various workshops on Python at various colleages. He was active contributor of Odoo (Opensource ERP).
Dhavan Vaidya
Dhavan Vaidya
He works as a professional web developer at Alfanso. Works with various technologies such as Python, PHP, JavaScript. Has keen interest in Machine Learning and Distributed Computing.
Chetan Khatri
Chetan Khatri
He works as Principal Engineer - Data & Machine Learning at Nazara Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Previously he was working with Eccella Corporation. Contributes to society in various ways including giving talk to Sophomore students at University, helping community by providing Data Science platform. He loves to participate in Data Science Hackathons. Currently, he is exploring Deep Neural Network and Unsupervised learning for Government Data.


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Department of Computer Science

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